The Online Oil and Gas Information System allows the public user to search for selected oil, gas and UIC data from the division's databases. This includes basic well, production, disposition, injection, and inspection information. It also allows for the user to export query results.

*** This application will not work with Java Runtime version 7 or above with its enhanced security features ***

*** MIR Online will be replaced by a new improved application during the week of June 29th. The current website will be redirected to the new website when it is ready. ***

Please be patient. It may take a minute for the program to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection.


The Well Data Search HELP system provides HELP using various aspects of the Online Oil & Gas Information System.
Click on the button to the left to access the HELP system.

This system requires a Java enabled browser. If you are unable to run the system or if the system runs slow, make sure you are using the most recent version of your internet web browser and that you have enabled Java. In Internet Explorer, Java enabling is accessed from the "Tools | Internet Options" menu and then picking the "Advanced" tab on the pop-up window.